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Anora, Acie's cradle is located in the top left corner, above Nitima's cradle and besides Aderyn's cradle.

Acie, the Goddess of Perception, is one of the five gods of Anora. She is represented by fluid.

Acie was the most curious of the five, and saw through her followers eyes all the glories and changes of Anora. Ever desirous of experiencing every nook and cranny of the land, Acie spurred her followers to roam all of Anora. Gripped with instaiable wanderlust, never able to settle, these travels became skilled in Wandering the wilderness, in reading the signs of the seasons and surving in places precious few could.

Acie is thought of as an needlessly cruel, curious girl who "body hops." She can only see through the eyes of her followers-perhaps she was even All-seeing as Anora and now wishes to control all humans so that she can continue to see the ever changing world.
Born of Fluid energy, Acie's connection with the people is so personal and easy to access that they don't need any medium between themselves and the God to enable communion. They are in direct communion with their Goddess's spiritual energy, much in the way ones body acts while immersed in water.

Acie's Followers[]

Acie's worshipers are a varied people, living as tribes, as wandering caravans of circus-folk or entertainers, as messengers and spies and lone wanderers and hermits and even mercenaries that are in employment of other political forces. Her followers are known for taking up professions that allow them to fulfill their lust for adventure. While they are scattered across all parts of Anora, they are united in their faith and are a difficult people to rule.