Aderyn's Cradle Wiki

Aderyn's Flesh is a tale handed down through the generations that discusses how Aderians connect with their god, Aderyn, who has no physical form.


“I tell you there is a cosmic version of yourself which your mortal mind cannot understand, for it is bound by the laws of the physical world. Yet other laws govern timeless beings like Anora, our world, who is greater than any one of the Five. When we release our minds from the tethers of time and space, we can speak with this form, understand this form. Though it lacks a body, it is still a part of ourselves, and is able to unify all that enters our minds through our mortal senses. This is the true source of human creativity. Thus, Aderyn does not lack a human form; She lives in you.” - Hyles, Guru of the Five

According to those who pass down religious traditions, Aderyn, like the rest of the Five Gods, has no human form. However, if Aderians choose to picture an anthropomorphized form as they pray, they picture their most sacred self. They seek communion with the higher version of themselves for which there is always potential to exist, if only they believe enough in it so deeply and completely as to make it real. Isolating, then breaking cycles of unproductive habits, overcoming inspirational blocks, and taking the time to shape these divine embodiments of the self with care are all common spiritual undertakings. The goal of the wisest Aderians is to become the god that lives within.

Of course, the claim that Aderyn’s human form is truly whatever form you’ve given him at the time is subjective. This concept gives rise to an infinite amount of art; art depicting gods and goddesses, as many of them possible as there are individuals in the Cradle. Each would be a self-portrait, or a portrait of another person, painted by highly-coveted, highly skilled artists. Some may even aspire to become him/her.
The Oracle is special, as he/she is believed to embody their highest self at all times, made possible by Aderyn’s blessing. This is what enables the Oracle to be one with Aderyn’s energy, and capable of hearing his voice when no other Aderian can.