Anora Map.png
a map of Anora, Aderyn's Cradle is located in the top right corner.

Aderyn, the God of Crafting, is one of the five gods of Anora. He represented by light.

To inspire creativity in his followers, Aderyn lit the soul fires, flames in his temples that gave me freedom and will to create new and better things. With the light cast over Anora, multitudes flocked to Aderyn, drawn by his encouragement to puruse whichever path in life they desired, so long as they sculpted their path with their own two hands. Around their necks, they wore Aderyn's charm, round and bright as Aderyn lit their way, whichever way they chose.
Aderyn is the god of hands who creates Soulfires for which humans create material containers. Born of Light energy, Aderyn embodies both the momentary inspirations that drive creativity from perception (like bright, intense flashes) and the long-simmering intuitions that come to creative fruition over time (like a low, consistent glow).

Aderyn's Followers

The societal structure of Aderyn's followers is made of a coalition of guilds, in which an annual convention (a celebration of everything that has been created and achieved that year) draws one or two representatives from each guild to make political decisions.
Aderyn's followers believe that people's souls become one with the soulfire after they die; hence Aderyn's followers see the soulfies in a very religious way, frequently saying "The ancestors are watching over us." They make journeys to the greater soulfires during special occasions for celebrations or guidance. The act of destroying these is sacrilegious becuase it wipes out of existence their ancestors, and bringing them back by relighting the fires means bringing back Aderyn's people as well!

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