Aderyn's Cradle Wiki

Because Cradle so largely depends on story, characters are vitally important to the world and progression.


Each of the 5 character classes will have a distinctive style, and each weapon will have its own signature feel. With deterministic animations we will provide immersive attack animations that always make sense for the part of your opponent you’re aiming at.

Each character class can use up to six unique weapons, all exclusive to each class. Weapons are explicitly designed to shine in different types of combat situations and fighting styles. In Cradle, new weapons are rare and powerful items, often heavily guarded and hidden. Finding one is a big deal.

More than just unique weapons, armor and styles of combat, each character class has unique ways of moving throughout and exploring the world. As the Ranger you use your quick reflexes and agility to nimbly traverse otherwise impassible obstacles. These same obstacles could be overcome with the Paladins formidable strength, or the Arcanist's ability to control the world around them. Cradle will feature both male and female payable characters. No matter who you choose to be, you will have to forge your own path as you explore the world of Cradle.