Aderyn's Cradle Wiki


Aderyn's Cradle’s environments are designed to tell a story. Its four open worlds exist to push the envelope of the fantasy genre and appeal to the wanderlust of adventurers.


Aderyn's Cradle is an adventure. The player will have to use their own wit and intelect to navigate the Cradle, keeping a keen eye open for books and other equipment hidden throughout the land, to assist you on your main quest: Restoring Aderyn's lost land.


We believe that the best games happen when a well-designed gameplay system is deeply integrated with a truly powerful story. Story is a big part of what makes Cradle the game it’s going to be. The story follows you, a youth from a village, as you stumble upon Aderyn's Cradle, an ancient land long forgotten, and your quest to bring Aderyn's Cradle back to exisitance, and bring balance to Anora.


Combat in Aderyn's Cradle is one of the essential gameplay mechanics that makes it different. Real-time, fast paced, and intuitive, combat is not hack and slash, but instead skillful and strategic first person melee combat. Players can choose how and where to land attacks, depending on the weapons they’re using and the anatomy of their targets. Our utmost priority is to ensure that players’ intent translates smoothly into their actions in-game.

Weapon Augments[]

Aderyn's Cradle’s weapon augment system enables players to customize the way their weapons work with a simple, elegant, and strategic augmentation system. It balances the power of attacks with the mana required to use them, and allows for specialization in different magic types to fit your personal playstyle.

Armor Augments[]

Perk up your character by finding armor pieces hidden throughout the game with the armor augment system. Each augment gives the player a set of alternative ways to perk their character. Perks give players the opportunity to adjust their personal playstyles and character’s abilities.


We call Aderyn's Cradle’s healing system medica. It’s an alternative to potions and alchemy that focuses on the brewing of salves. Gather ingredients and solvents from the environments, and mix them over an open flame to produce a healing salve. The ingredient determines the salve’s effect, and the purity of the solvent determines the potency of the salve.


Improve your character’s ability to wield mighty aetherial forces with special crystals hidden throughout the game. Mana in Cradle is referred to as the “lifeblood of the land,” and usually appears as a bad omen, a sign of a realm thrown out of balance. It’s a collectable resource full of energy, and thus it acts as fuel for magic weapon augments.