Aderyn's Cradle Wiki

== Progression == Aderyn's Cradle is first and foremost a game dependent on your skill as a player, not the countless hours put into leveling up your character. Progression through the game is not based on leveling or advancement through skill trees. Instead, Cradle’s combination of strategic combat and augmentation systems, in addition to its emphasis on exploration and skilled observation, makes the way you move through the Cradle experience dependent on your own skill, wit, and creativity.
Aderyn's Cradle is a non-linear game, your skills will determine which areas you can access, but exploration will help you even the odds. In addition to new weapons, the Cradle is also home to Augments, which are ancient Aderian tapestries and garments containing a small amount of Aderyn’s power. By taking the hidden Augment and imbuing it with the essence of one of the five forces of the world you can give your favorite weapon a series of powerful upgrades, to assit you in your explorations around the Cradle.


Aderyn's Cradle is filled with many treasures that can assit players along their journey. These treasures, some being weapons like the Sword and Shield of Rolling Hill, will enhance how players fight enemies and traverse the Cradle. There are many secret treasures and equipment hidden throughout each of the four environments in Aderyn's Cradle.

Books & Library[]

Book's are a rarity in Aderyn's Cradle. Players can find books hidden around the world, using them to learn about ancient Aderian times, sometimes reavealing hidden items scattered across the world. In the Cathedral of Aderyn, players can store their books and other belongings in its library.

Movement & Exploration[]

From the highest peaks, to the deepest recesses of the world, the player will find themselves in a different kind of combat- not a battle fought with steel and a hearty resolve, but a challenge of their observation of the world, and their ingenuity in overcoming the land itself. Many secrets will be hidden throughout the world, and uncovering them will be paramount to fully realizing the story the player is entwined in. The player will encounter several different types of puzzles as they explore.


Each character class can use up to six unique weapons, all exclusive to each class. Weapons are explicitly designed to shine in different types of combat situations and fighting styles. In Cradle, new weapons are rare and powerful items, often heavily guarded and hidden. Finding one is a big deal.