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a map of Anora, Ostia's cradle is south of Aderyn's cradle.

Ostia, the God of Hunger, is one of the five gods on Anora. He is represented by the force of life.

Born of Life energy, Ostia and his people oscillate between times of surplus, fertility, and abundance to themselves and their environment, and times of scarcity, famine, and disease. These trends are echoed, though to a lesser extent, throughout all the human populations of Anora because Ostia's lands produce so much food for the other realms.

Ostia's Followers[]

Ostia was the most hungry of the five, and gathered its followers every season to sacrifice some of the land's bounty. When fed to excess, Ostia's energies would pour back into the earth, nourishing the land. Ostia's people worshiped it for the fertility it gave to Anora, but in years of famine, Ostia the Insatiable was cruel indeed, as Ostia demanded sacrifice even when stockpiles were empty. By necessity to sate their gods' great hunger, and their own need for food, Osita's followers became accomplished farmers and merchants. Their land is the breadbasket of Anora.