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a map of Anora, Ryphae's cradle is south east of Aderyn's Cradle.

Ryphae, the Goddess of Knowledge, is one of the five gods of Anora. She is represented by Earth.

Born of Earth energy, Ryphae represents the storage of human memory; stones hold both etchings, and paints; pictures, and words. If cracked open, and examined on their own, stones contain the ultimate information: the history of the Land.

Ryphae was the most intelligent of the five, desiring to know all that she could. Since she lacks a mind with which to learn, Ryphae employes all of her followers in the pursuit of knowledge, plucking what they learned from their heads like ripe fruit. In doing so, her followers became great but tragic scholars, doomed to live plagued lives of obsession and compulsion as they fulfill their gods frantic quest for knowledge.

Ryphae's Followers[]

The god of mind cannot remember anything that is not within human heads, she frequently had her followers build great libraries as tribute, even a vast Ivory Tower filled with the knowledge of a hundered lifetimes. Ryphae's cradle is a vast democracy, where daily meetings are held to discuss the best plan for the bureaucracy.